Toine Daas & Willy Daas - Schneijderberg
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postadres: Noordhoeksedijk 15  4759 CA NOORDHOEK Netherlands
Webmanager:  A.M.A.J. Daas      
(Former) Church H. Jozef
Nook Championship
Bisschop Hopmansstraat 1  4759 BD
WDSF   World DanceSport Competition
NADB Open to the World Competition
*  Floor 300 square mtr
*  9 Adjudicators / 9 countries
*  Free Parking Spaces
*  Bars & Restaurants
*  Dressingrooms
*  Friendly prices food & drinks
    available in the church
The WoodenShoe and The Nook Championship
take place in a Church H.Jozef at Noordhoek.
This Church is a monumental historical building
Do you want a experience to dance in a specially place . 
Hope to see you all in Noordhoek 

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